Hi, I'm Luke, a Graphic Designer / Art Director (who isn't these days) based in Birmingham... But maybe you already knew that?

I have a passion for editorial design & brand identity (I love making mags and logos) and in all my endeavours I value creative thinking, emotional intelligence and integrity (ie. no jerks please).

Since graduating from Falmouth in '07 I've been fortunate to spend a decade working at two of the best* agencies outside of London – gaining experience on many household-name accounts, and now I've gone 'freelance' which is both super exciting and slightly scary! (*depends who you ask of course)

Outside of work I cut my teeth art-directing Boat Mag and global publication Alpha Life. I'm now responsible for AD'ing Monotype's relaunched typographic journal 'The Recorder' which has won various awards – and helped me be recognised as a 'master freelancer' in 2016 (while still employed full-time, lolz).

I'm also a director of the forthcoming Birmingham Design Festival, a long-time active contributor to the award winning design site FormFiftyFive.com and founder of 'CRTD' – an international network of almost 500 amazing people. (Basically I like to blog and chat).

I'm currently available for workshops, hugslecturing, mentoring, road trips, brand identity consulting, chats, editorial projects, guidelines, advertising campaignsgeneral design stuff...

I quit my job to focus on more meaningful work, so lets make something rad together?