Hi, I'm Luke, a Graphic Designer & Art Director (who isn't these days) based in Birmingham, the UKโ€™s glorious second city! โœŒ๏ธ

Iโ€™m particularly fond of editorial design and brand identity work (Iโ€™m at my happiest making mags and logos). After graduating from Falmouth (way back in 2007) I was fortunate to spend a decade working at two of the best agencies outside of London โ€“ gaining experience via some of the worldโ€™s biggest brands โ€“ and now, like everyone else, I've gone 'freelance'โ€ฆ which is both super exciting and slightly scary

Beyond the day job I cut my teeth art-directing Boat Mag and later Alpha Life, and then was responsible for relaunching Monotype's beloved (& yes, award winning) typographic journal The Recorder. More recently I re-branded and re-designed 99% Lifestyle Magazine.

For almost a decade I was a contributor to the award winning design site FormFiftyFive.com, and Iโ€™m also responsible for CRTD (an international network of over 500 people). 

Iโ€™m now co-director of the Birmingham Design Festival, which launched in 2018 (which you should definitely attend) and also Glug Birmingham (ditto). I spend half of my week lecturing at BCU pestering students. The rest of the time Iโ€™m available for workshops, hugslecturing, mentoring, road trips, brand identity consulting, chats, editorial projects, advertising campaigns and general fun design stuff...

I quit my job to focus on more meaningful and satisfying work, so letโ€™s make something rad together?